"Warrah" Residential

“Warrah” is BackTrack’s residential facility 10 km out of Armidale on the edge of Dumaresq Dam in a beautiful rural setting. One of our newest programs, it was developed to address the fact that some of the young people involved in our programs had nowhere safe to stay.

Without a safe place to sleep, significant gains in wellbeing, educational and employment outcomes are hard to attain. In recognition of this, BackTrack, with the help of the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, Yulgilbar and other supporters, has developed this program to provide a family style home with 6 long-term and 2 emergency accommodation beds for boys facing homelessness or geographical barriers to obtaining program support.

“Warrah” provides not only a safe place to be but also a sense of belonging – giving the young people involved a chance to focus on behavioural change and learning. It also allows for fulltime involvement with the BackTrack programs – putting these boys on a fast track to success in terms of education, training and overall wellbeing. One of the distinctive aspects of the residential program is the way the older boys mentor and support the younger ones – teaching the “Warrah” way.

In the words of one of the “Warrah” boys: “It’s like a family. We’re safe, we learn new things every day and have fun”. As Mikey Moran, says: “It has been great as a house parent to watch each kid grow as an individual, work as a part of a team and encourage each other”

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