Running Strong

BackTrack’s Running Strong program is specifically tailored for girls. The program focusses on skills for life, staying connected with education, and engaging with the local community. Through Running Strong, the girls are supported to navigate life’s significant challenges as they present, and to gain the skills and confidence to engage fully in education and employment opportunities. The program focusses on positive community interactions. This is done primarily through engagement with schools and aged care facilities often with the Paws Up dogs. The dogs often help to break the ice and facilitate conversations and sharing of experiences. The program also aims to inspire the girls by providing them with positive role models for them to connect with and aspire to. The girls develop leadership skills and career aspirations through their involvement in the program.

This year the girls have focused on generosity – one of BackTrack’s four core values. They now organise and facilitate visits to 5 aged care facilities and are able to engage the residents in a friendly, supportive and non-judgemental dog interaction program.

We are proud to see three of the girls participating in the Running Strong progam this year attain traineeships across the allied health and administration sectors. One of our Running Strong girls has recently achieved her Higher School Certificate and is the first in her family to do so. Another two girls participated in the Kimiki Girl’s Indigenous Leadership Camp at the University of New England this year.

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