Paws Up

Paws Up has developed into a highly successful dog high jumping team that travels to Shows and invitational events throughout New South Wales and interstate. They hold the current Australian record at 9′ 10  ” and are very seldom beaten anywhere in the country.

Paws Up began as a way to engage youth. Through the dogs the youth connect with others and build trust, learn self-discipline while disciplining the dogs, learn self-confidence from public performance, communication skills as they interact on the show circuit and manage themselves and their dogs in varying situations. The dogs are a strong and persistent tool for talking through the difficult issues in life and coming up with solutions.

The dogs in the team mirror the challenges and progress of the boys. They don’t clear every jump, they often take a fall, but they have learned to trust that someone will be there to catch them, and they face the next jump with the belief that they can fly!

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