BackTrack’s classroom, originally called “The Paddock”, is a foundational program which supports and integrates with the learning that occurs in all other settings. From the early days of a few mis-matched chairs pulled into a circle in the welding shed, the program has grown to a fully-fledged classroom. The program focusses on literacy and numeracy aligned to the development of skills for life and potential future employment opportunities.

For many of our young people, finding a school setting that they enjoy, and having positive interactions with their teacher and their classmates is a new and transformational experience. Through the classroom work our young people not only learn literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills, but they also learn to respect education as a skill for life. The self-belief that can be generated, as young people succeed with challenges they have never yet been able to master, is an inspiration for all to see.

This year BackTrack has introduced an independent reading program where students work through reading cards set to their reading ability and interests. This has enabled specific tutoring of those students that struggle with their literacy and has provided independence for those who want to read-on and enjoy a challenge.

In keeping with BackTrack’s unique approach, we are now developing our own curriculum which is proving to be highly successful, and exciting work is now underway to have it formally recognised under the Board of Studies.

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