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Raw and Real

There is a saying – Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in. At BackTrack, we are planting trees, and we need a hand to buy the seeds….. Our success since 2006 has come largely from enormous community and individual support. We roll our sleeves up, as do the boys and girls in the program, and our enterprises provide a third of our funding. Our results are remarkable – 300 local kids with an 87% rate of full time employment, education and training. Young people who were previously unable to achieve these milestones without a helping hand. Our dream is to be non-reliant on Government funding and provide community solutions to community problems… one young person at a time. You can share in the dream simply by making a donation. There is an option when you donate to join a growing band of people making small monthly donations that is steadily building a sustainable funding pool. Please consider this …. How far does a BackTrack Dollar Go?

  • $25 a month buys lunch for 5 young people for a week
  • $30 a month feeds a kid’s best friend – the Paws Up Team Dogs
  • $50 will buy a collar and lead and cover preventative vet health care for a Paws Up Team dog
  • $55 will put a Paws Up Team shirt on a young person’s back as they tour NSW and interstate
  • $85 provides a work shirt, jeans and boots for a young person to be safe and smart for training and work experience and employment
  • $44 a month provides Protective Equipment for industrial training and work experience for the whole team
  • $31 a day will keeps transport available for young people
  • $65 gives the gift of reading and writing by putting books, stationary and reading material in front of a young person for a year
  • $6000 makes a School Based Traineeship available to one young person per year
  • $11 000 changes a life – total cost of providing BackTrack per year for a young person

BackTrack has full DGR status and all donations are tax deductible.

 Jack’s Thank You

At BackTrack we help kids, dogs and their families. We hang in through the tough times ……and if we hit the end of the rope we tie a knot and hang on. Hit the play button below and see an 11 year old boy’s way of saying “thanks for tying a knot”. He put this DVD together all by himself – and it is raw and real and he wants us to help more kids.

Jack you touched our hearts ……

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